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 Kings Of Chaos

< Kings Of Chaos > Is a guild that wants to focus on everything in game. A lot of guilds focus on just raiding, or say they are a "Social Guild" Well we don't like to brand ourselves like that. So we are what we are, Kings Of Chaos. We do how ever want to be a organized and fun guild, not a strict and pushy guild.
We want to do all of this, and we WILL do it.

Leveling - 

We want to help you level to where you want to be. We won't push you to get to the level cap as fast as you can, because that isn't what a game is about.

Questing -

You have a quest that is giving you trouble? Or Requires multiple people? Well ask the guild, we want to keep you on a fun pace, so you don't get frustrated or bored.

Dungeons -

Dungeons you ask for? We all like to do dungeons, it where you get your gear for questing, and for them expert dungeons! 

Expert Dungeons -

We know not everyone is ready for Experts, or doesn't want to do them, but a good amount of us want to raid and well, this is where you get the gear to do raids! So let us do it!

Raids -

As we all know this game is only a few months old, and barely any of us are ready to raid, but we WILL head towards that goal. When the time comes we will form raid teams. We will also figure out a Loot table, depending on how the loot is in the raids. We will most likely do the Suicide King system. ( Ask the guild leader if you don't know what this is. ) 

PvP -

My Co-Leader and Myself LOVE PvP, so we surely will be doing it, we highly promote PvP, as the gear is great, and we want to kick Defiant butt!

Crafting -

As the game is still young, there isn't a huge load on crafting yet, but we want to be up on it before it gets more involved, but if you have needs, ask the guild! We might be able to help!

Social Events -

Even tho everyone is most likely going to be focused on exploring the game, we surely can schedule some social events when we know some safe areas to have fun in! There isn't any mini games like some MMO's have, but we could always hold tournaments......this subject can be discussed down the road

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